Initial consultation

A FREE initial consultation takes place at your property to discuss your thoughts, identify opportunities or constraints and to discuss the need for any possible third-party involvement, such as contractors.

A quotation for the design will be given at this stage. This meeting normally takes about 90 minutes and allows me time to explain the whole design process through to the completed build. A deposit is taken at this meeting to secure my time for the design.



After agreeing to proceed, I will arrange a further meeting to return and take lots of photographs, produce a site analysis and survey, establish a feel for the garden, it’s surroundings and sun direction. I will also ask you many questions and ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This enables me to gather as much information as possible to then summarise in a client brief which will give you a detailed outline of everything we have discussed on your wish list. We will also discuss any possible hinderances that may require planning or a detailed professional survey.


Concept & Technical plans

It all begins with an idea. I will present my hand drawn concept plan together with a mood board and 3D visuals. At this stage we make any adjustments as necessary. I then take great care and many hours producing a detailed final technical plan together with construction drawings of the design. Extra copies will be provided together with a scope of works document to provide contractors with enough detail to submit an accurate and detailed quotation. A planting plan will also be completed at this stage.

NB: Concept plans are normally at a scale of 1:50. They are hand drawn and are a particularly favourable feature as they become a lovely keepsake for the clients and are often framed and displayed somewhere in the property. Having an artistic ability is an added advantage, as these designs are given a unique edge and finesse by this feature. I am also blessed with having a natural vision for seeing how plans will come to life and transferring them to 3D sketches to explain my vision in further detail. Technical plans are generated digitally to enable accuracy with scale and measurements. Copies are provided for both the client and contractors.


The build!

After deciding on the ideal and trusted contractor to carry out the build, you may wish for me to oversee the project. If so, I will liaise with the contractors and ask them to supply an industry standard contract and make sure all the relevant insurance is in place. Once the work is underway, I will make regular visits to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to the design.



After the landscaping is complete, we can think about the finishing touches! Planting plans are commissioned as a add-on service as some clients are very keen gardeners and look forward to taking charge of this aspect of the project and are confident to undertake the work themselves. If not, I’ll be there provide you with a detailed planting plan, order the plants, to arrange delivery and to plant them in your garden too.


Lighting plans

Lighting design is also a specialised area and can greatly enhance a garden creating a wonderful ambience and atmosphere. This is an add-on service and quoted separately, starting from £225 as part of a full design project.


If you are new to gardening and a little unsure how to maintain it, you will be given access to an online site which will give you step by step, month by month instructions for the care of your new plants and sent alerts when there is a task to complete to keep it all looking amazing!

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Exemplary Standards

Unity Garden Design takes immense pride in being a member of The Association of Professional Landscapers. This affiliation underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding industry standards, ensuring every project reflects excellence, professionalism, and innovative landscaping expertise.

Jo Moore
Jo Moore
A neighbour used Jane and posted her design on our WhatsApp group,that's how we came to find her and wow I absolutely love our garden. We had a meeting where Jane asked lots of questions, and to be honest I didn't really know the answers to , I just knew what I didn't like about our garden and wanted something that my husband and I could do ourselves, so didn't want anything that was outside our capabilities, so waiting for Janes design was nervous anticipation , and she certainly didn't disappoint it had everything I wanted , it was simple but effective it was definitely hard work but well worth it ,and working to Jane's design was easy even for a couple of novice's. If your on the fence about using a garden designer then take the plunge you won't be disappointed , I think Jane read my mind to be fair , I will definitely use her again if we move house Thank you so much Jane
Jane Martin
Jane Martin
The Company was recommended to me. I had no idea what I wanted but had a few things I wanted including in the design. Jane asked lots of questions and came up with the perfect design. We spoke about the timescale of the work to be done, and this was kept to. The work is of top quality. I also like the leaflet she produced showing me what all the plants are and what I need to do with them to keep them healthy. Everyone who worked in the garden were professional and got the jobs done. I would definitely recommend them.
Mel Sheard
Mel Sheard
Jane is professional and easy to get along with. My garden was messy but Jane and Drew have transformed it into a lovely space and it looks bigger. I highly recommend them.
Andy Stallwood
Andy Stallwood
Jane is amazing. Her creativity, vision and understanding of what would work for us has given us a garden that has exceeded all of our expectations. She was a joy to work with and made the whole process so much fun.
Lorraine Squires Shaw
Lorraine Squires Shaw
We had our garden completely redesigned by Jane and her team and what an amazing job! It has had a complete makeover - some really innovative features that I would never have though of and she really understood waht we were looking for. A very friendly but professional approach and lovely designs drawn up, that are a nice keepsake. All the materials used were of a very good quality and her landscape team were very reliable and hard working. Got the job done to time and cleared up well afterwards. A year on and the garden still looks amazing and that's no thanks to our own gardening skills as we have hardly had to touch it, which was just what we needed! The dogs love it too, especially the journey through the garden which I had never even thought about before ! Thanks Jane!
Debby Brennan
Debby Brennan
Working with Jane is like going on an exciting adventure. Our first consultation included a questionnaire which highlighted what colours, textures etc we were looking to incorporate in our garden, so very thorough, when Jane left we could not wait for her to come back with her ideas. When Jane presented us with her vision, not just one but 3 of them, we were bowled over, all the things we had talked about and so much more, we felt comfortable to make a few little tweaks which Jane encouraged our feedback and made us feel that there was complete flexibility throughout, we decided on the design and Jane returned with a mood board and a plant list. Over the weeks the garden began to take shape and when we faced a few little challenges, Jane took away any concerns and gave us the confidence that all would be well and indeed it was! We cannot thank Jane enough she has been incredible, and our amazing space has turned into an extension of our house, we cannot wait for the summer to come along and we can spend many a day/evening enjoying what has been created for us with our family and friends! Jane thank you so much for all your hard work, your determination and your amazing ability to understand what we wanted when we did not.
Katie Hadingham
Katie Hadingham
I was so pleased to have Jane come and design my garden for me. She was very personable, extremely helpful and an all round lovely lady. She drew her design and then ask me various questions to enable her to adapt it where necessary. She even put me in contact with a landscaper to come and put her design into practice. The best thing I have found is that she keeps checking in with me about how everything is going and what she can do to help. I would highly recommend her as a reputable garden designer.
Monika Ostrowska
Monika Ostrowska
Jane designed our garden in Spring 2019. Jane visited our house and spent several hours with us measuring, planning and then drawing some lovely designs. She offered 3 versions, from which we selected one that we liked most, which she developed further. She took into consideration the soil type, sun aspect, our preferences in terms of level of maintenance and lifestyle as well as personal taste.She also offered advice on how we could approach the landscaping work and how much it would cost if we did some work ourselves compared with using a gardening company. She followed up with mood boards, tips and advice on various decisions we needed to make. We've used her detailed plan throughout the development, albeit with small amendments. The result is a beautiful and cosy garden that we are very proud of and happy with.